About Us

Havor Development Consulting (Havor Consulting) is an advisory and project implementation firm. We offer our services in Agriculture, Business Development, and Trade. We partner with Government agencies, donor programmes, industry associations, producer cooperatives and private businesses to provide business advisory services and implement projects.





Havor Consulting supports clients in sustainable and profitable production and processing, business development, and market access.



•Sustainability: Training economic actors on sustainable crop and livestock pro-duction.



•Compliance: Assisting famers, producer cooperatives and businesses to imple-ment market-driven standards and demonstrate compliance through certifi-cation. Examples, Good Agricultural Prac-tices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practic-es (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practices (GHP).



•Quality Infrastructure Systems: Sup-porting Government regulators and Re-gional Economic Communities (RECs) to implement trade-facilitating Quality Infra-structure Systems.



•Policy Analysis and Capacity Building: Re-search and analysis to inform agriculture and trade-related policy options and im-plementation modalities.